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Change of Address

Each month about 2% of the Norcal Transmitter Newsletters we send out are returned due to a bad address.  Not only is this a waste of money, but a lot of our members are not getting their newsletter.

The NorCal section relies on ISA Headquarters to provide us with current information on our members.  If you have moved, changed jobs, changed e-mail address, or changed telephone numbers you need to update your records with ISA.

While you are in the ISA Membership Update page you can also update your e-mail preferences, select benefits, and even renew your membership.  If you have not checked your membership data for a while please take a minute to do so.  You may be surprised to see what they have in the database.

To update your personal information go to:

Click on Login, and enter your member number and password.  There is help info on the Login page if you forgot your password.

Once you are logged in, select:

    Members & Leaders /
    My ISA /
    My Membership /
    Update My Record

ISA NorCal observes the e-mail preferences you select at the bottom of the Update page.  If you check the box "Do not send me email about ISA products, services, and Member benefits" ISA NorCal will not send you e-mail notices of upcoming classes or special events.

We recommend that you use your home mailing address to recieve ISA mailings.  This saves the delay caused by company mail delvery, and assures you will still get your mail in the event you move or change jobs.  The USPS will forward mail to your new address, but your old company probably will not.

To insure that your Transmitter mailing lable prints correctly please use only the "Address 1" field and keep it to 45 characters or less.  The "Address 2" field is not printed on the mailing lable.


rev: 1/17/04 GJG