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Regional Meetings

Future Technical Meetings in the South Bay, Sacramento, and elsewhere ???"

We need your help.  If you want to see programs like this continue, please read on, and volunteer to help!

Several of your board members, a number of ISA volunteers, and a number of our vendors in this area, worked throughout 2003 and into 2004 to offer a series of technical meetings and seminars on everything from control systems security to smart positioners to DCS installation experience to valve sizing.  Most meetings provided practical how to information and handouts or references to significant additional information; all would help the user do a better job once back in the office. A more complete listing of the meetings is provided at the end of this article.

We ran meetings in the afternoon (3-5 pm), in the late afternoon (4-6 pm), and a few in the evenings.  We believe these meetings were of value to those who attended, and we saw a wide variety of users, suppliers, representatives, and consultants of all description who came.  We saw attendance range from a high of about 35 to a low of six.  Those who organized and presented at the meetings were generally happy with the results.  But we have other responsibilities, and need your help if you want to see this type of meeting continue.

Our experience led to several conclusions:

a) There is no single formula that works for everyone and that

consistently brings the larger audiences.  It depends on the dates, subject, and everyone's personal needs and responsibilities;

b) It takes a lot of time and energy to prepare for these meetings; most of us cannot do it consistently.  Even those of us who are retired are very busy - everyone simply has too many other demands on their time to sustain this kind of program without more volunteers;

c)  We - your ISA leadership who worked at putting this program together - need sufficient additional volunteers to run this program, in order to sustain or improve it.  

If you want this kind of technical program in the Palo Alto, South Bay, Sacramento or other areas, all of which are good areas to offer it if desired, we need significant additional help.  Talk to the Section leadership.  Come to a board meeting.  Lend a hand.  We need folks to make presentations, and folks to organize and solicit presentations, (presentations mostly from the user community.  They are there, but we need to ask them).  And we need some additional folks to "bring the projector", arrange the venue, arrange and send our Newsletter and Website Editors the information, and do other housekeeping activities to make the programs successful.

Our vision of ISA NORCAL is simple:  

"A local member based group, (the we), which provides significant value to its members, by sharing how to make automation applications work well - by sharing our successes, failures, and knowledge.  The applications are similar to those we work on daily."

These meetings are one way to do this.  We need more support from the membership if we are to continue them.  Do you have other visions or means? Do national meetings and ISA's InTech work better for you?  Please let us know.

(Note - the Society's formal "vision" is "ISA will be the premier global membership organization and information resource for the instrumentation, systems, and automation field.")  Again, the meetings should help to do this.

Meetings in the NORCAL Technical Program Series

1.  October 9, 2002 - Control System Security, Palo Alto

2.  October 15, 2002 - Control System Security, Sacramento

3.  January 14, 2003 - Control Systems Security Update, Palo Alto

4.  February 11, 2003 - SCADA Systems, Palo Alto

5.  March 11, 2003 - Smart Positioners, Palo Alto

6.  April 8, 2003 - FieldBuses, Palo Alto

7.  May 13, 2003 - Basic Networking for Instrumentation, Palo Alto

8.  June 10, 2003 - Wireless, Palo Alto

9.  July 8, 2003 - Control Valve Sizing, Palo Alto

10. August 12, 2003 - Maintenance Programs, Palo Alto

11. September 9, 2003 - Variable Frequency Drives I, Palo Alto

12. October 14, 2003 - Variable Frequency Drives II, Palo Alto

13. February 10, 2004 - Stanford DeltaV Experience, Palo Alto

14. March 9, 2004 - Control Systems Security Update, Palo Alto




Reports from past Technical Meetings


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