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NorCal Tech 2005

NorCal Tech 2005
Technical Conference & Exhibit
for Instrumentation & Process Control

Thanks to everyone who participated in TECH 2005. Special thanks to event organizer John Daly, and Education Chair Bob Hammaker.

Title Presenter
Industrial Uses of Wireless Networks Rob Conant
Advances in Load Cells and Torque Sensors Kerby Hull
Motor and Drives Troubleshooting  Dan Donahue
Practical Data Logging; Applications, Hardware and Trends Pete Martin
Rotary Encoders for Harsh and Hazardous Environments Dennis Horowitz
Severe Service Valves Bill D'Andrea
Temperature Sensors Steve Pronchick
Distillation Column Control System Optimization Prakash Karpe

Advances in pH/ORP Measurement - Polymeric Sensors - Slides
Solid State Reference Electrodes - Paper

John Daly

Extending the Limits of Coriolis - Reprint
Extending the Limits of Coriolis - Paper
Extending the Limits of Coriolis - Slides

John Daly
Spare the air for a healthier future 1955 2005 Tim Underwood
ISA Certification Programs Kim Dunn
Staying Safe in an Automated World - Keys to Automation Safety and Liability Avoidance  Lewis Bass
Parallel Chromatography Provides New Techniques to Improve On-Line Process Analysis Bob Farmer
Miniature High Resolution Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometry Wayne Rimkus
Analyzer Sample Conditioning Paul Hodder
Gas Chromatography Bob Moses
Improvements in CEMS
Insitu Analysis of Ammonia Slip and Water Vapor
Doug Foulds
Improved Techniques for Saving Energy, Cutting Costs and Simplifying Work 

Charlie Middleton
Don Amuzie 
Rachel Diaz

The Benefits of Electronic Governing on Industrial Prime Movers Chris Klein
Industrial Ethernet Security and the new ISA S-99 Standard Tom Halpin
Bus Systems: Comparison, Design, and Implementation John Martinson
Specific Gravity / Density Measurement Gary Rothrock
Gas Detection for Human, Environmental & Process Safety Craig Johnson
Level Measurement with Radar and Ultrasonic Brad Rupert
Wiring Rules for Bus Systems Walter Trend
The Ten Commandments of Making EtherNet/IP Applications Successful Chris Lollini
Wireless Instrumentation Brad Rupert
Wireless I/O using Radio Telemetry Craig Johnson
Accessing SCADA over the internet Maury Beck
Making your SCADA data useful Joey Tran
Valve Maintenance - what's important Bob Matthews
Heat Tracing Control and Monitoring Julie Ahner
Smart Positioner Diagnostics

Brad Rupert
Paul Mahoney

Challenges of Implementing a Central Control Room and DCS Peter King
Wireless SCADA Communcations Tom Halpin

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For more information, please contact the conference chairman, John Daly.

NorCal Tech 2005 Chair

NorCal ISA


John Daly









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